Pit stop Catering is proud to announce the newest addition to their Line-up.


Swangy Sauce@

Pit stop's Sweet & Tangy Sauce


We have always offered our own created BBQ Sauce during events.  Everyone loved it and everyone wanted some to take home, but we never had any for retail.  Now we do!  After many hours of red tape we now can offer you your very own labeled bottle of SWANGY SAUCE@ to take home.

Available in Hot or Mild


Available at HyVee Store in Liberty MO, AutoBahn gas station in Platte Woods MO, Online, or at any event.


Price is $5.00 per 18.6 ounce bottle or 2 bottles for $8.00

Prices does not incude Shipping & Handling


Find us at any event for SPECIAL pricing




Call Shawna for more information- 816-807-7012